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#DisneySketch365 Hercules. It’s the first of June, and it’s the first colour Disney sketch. I take no credit for the style, there’s an artist on eBay that I’ve found and I LOVE his style… So I’ve tried to mimic it here. It doesn’t look as good as his but practice makes perfect eh? I’ll try to experiment a bit more with the sketches so I don’t end up boring you guys ;)
Hercules was a request by my awesome friend, Matt Bonfats, who has kindly donated twice since the start! So this one is dedicated to you Matt, I hope you like it :)
If you’d like a sketch dedicated to you, or if you’d like to help me raise money for a great charity, just visit www.givey.com/gregorygaige and donate as much or as little as you can. The proceeds go straight to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.


when you’re babysitting and the kid won’t eat their veggies


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