I miss this show so much.

What is this and where can I download it all?

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Off to my first yoga class. I’m only doing it until I can get my legs behind my neck. Then I will never leave my bedroom.

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Had the best time in Spain with Allen King. Check out the hot scene we shot together for

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#DisneySketch365 Hercules. It’s the first of June, and it’s the first colour Disney sketch. I take no credit for the style, there’s an artist on eBay that I’ve found and I LOVE his style… So I’ve tried to mimic it here. It doesn’t look as good as his but practice makes perfect eh? I’ll try to experiment a bit more with the sketches so I don’t end up boring you guys ;)
Hercules was a request by my awesome friend, Matt Bonfats, who has kindly donated twice since the start! So this one is dedicated to you Matt, I hope you like it :)
If you’d like a sketch dedicated to you, or if you’d like to help me raise money for a great charity, just visit and donate as much or as little as you can. The proceeds go straight to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.